A fleet of boats for YOUR Rent at Sea, your personalised fleet, always ready to live the sea with you and your guests, with state-of-the-art, reliable and efficient boats?
EBRS Easy_Boat_Rent_System is the tested and safe system for you, who want to expand your nautical activity “BUSINESS” extending it to lease/rental, but you don’t know its dynamics and you don’t have time to learn them.

We have put our long-term knowledge of the field and skills in rental, sale, customisation of ships, into a unique and exclusive service for renters and lessors of the Italian and European pleasure boating market.
This is an occasion to consolidate and grow, for those who are already expert and want to change, widen or customise their fleets with innovative boats, and an opportunity for those who want to start the rental activity, with the certainty of relying on an expert Partner.

Your tranquillity, our experience. Discover how we can make your activity easier.

For further information contact the team and you will receive feedback as soon as possible.